Your fireplace is the backdrop for most of your holiday celebrations. From opening presents, to warming up after playing in the snow, to visiting with family and friends, your fireplace offers a rustic charm that makes your home a wonderful place to be during the holidays. However, if smoke starts pouring into your home after you light your fire, it can put an end to your holiday cheer. A defective damper can cause all sorts of airflow related issues within your chimney system. If your damper isn’t opening all the way, it can block warm air, smoke, and soot produced by your fireplace from leaving through your chimney, meaning it will flow back into your home. If your damper is leaking, the warm air in your home can escape out of your chimney, leading to a less efficient home and increased energy costs. Your damper is a critical component of your chimney system and if isn’t working properly, we here at Northeastern Masonry & Chimney are experts in damper repair and replacement.

The function of a damperWe do damper repairs and replacements

Your damper is designed to control how much air comes in and out of your chimney. It consists of a flap that is pulled open with a lever or chain. When you are using your fireplace, you must open your damper to allow smoke and other gases to leave your home through your chimney. When you are done using your fireplace, closing your damper will prevent warm air from escaping your home through your chimney. There are two types of dampers that we see in chimneys. One of the traditional types of damper, called a throat damper, consists of a frame covered by an iron flap. This type of damper sits right above your fireplace. A throat damper works well, but since it blocks air just above the fireplace, it leaves the rest of your chimney exposed to cold air, cooling your home down and raising home heating costs. Throat dampers also do not protect your chimney from debris and moisture from falling into it.

At Northeastern Masonry and Chimney, we can work with you to repair your throat damper, however, throat dampers have a tendency to rust and malfunction. That’s why a lot of the times our chimney technicians will suggest installing a top-sealing damper. Top-sealing dampers seal your chimney off at its opening. They are also easy to operate and save you money by stopping air from leaking and keeping your chimney closer to your home’s ambient temperature. Also, because they close at the top, top-sealing dampers also protect your home from moisture and debris from falling down your chimney.

Whether you have a throat damper that needs to be repaired, or want a brand new energy- efficient top-sealing damper installed, we can help you! Make sure your holiday season isn’t smokey by setting up an appointment with one of our CSIA certified chimney technicians. You can call us at 518-767-9314, or schedule an appointment online today. We look forward to hearing from you and happy holidays from all of us here at Northeastern Masonry & Chimney!