Increase Efficiency & Safety With A Smoke Chamber Sealant

When you build a fire in your fireplace, the heat and gases produced make their first chimney stop in the smoke chamber, right above the firebox. The smoke chamber is designed to usher those byproducts into the smaller space of the flue so they can be exhausted up and out of the home. But given its close proximity to the firebox and the fire, the smoke chamber is under the most extreme attack from high heat (next to the firebox itself), and it’s the only thing protecting the combustible building materials in your walls from that high heat in that area.

Unfortunately, not all smoke chambers are designed to provide the optimum levels of performance and protection. Smoke chambers that are corbelled — with brick steps, in essence, that gradually reduce the size of the opening — create flat areas that catch and keep air and gases from flowing properly. And with high heat getting caught up in the smoke chamber, it’s not unusual for cracks or gaps to develop in the masonry, allowing the heat much easier access to the building materials behind the smoke chamber.

The best way to strengthen your smoke chamber in every way is to have smoke chamber sealant applied by the CSIA-certified technicians at Northeastern Masonry & Chimney.

The Benefits Of Smoke Chamber Sealant

Increased Performance
A smoke chamber that has been sealed gets a smooth surface that encourages steadier, more efficient air and gas flow. When byproducts can more easily flow into and through your flue, your chimney can more easily and more completely expel dangerous gases. More efficient air flow also contributes to slower creosote build-up, which makes your chimney safer and keeps it working better in the long term.

Increased Safety
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has indicated that poorly designed or poorly performing smoke chambers are the third most common cause of chimney-related residential fires. Smoke Chamber Sealant material is designed to protect against extreme heat, and having it applied to your smoke chamber not only encourages better air flow, it also provides a strong layer of protection between the heat from your fire and your masonry. Since the sealant also seals off gaps, holes and cracks as it smooths out the corbelling, you’ll end up with a stronger, better-performing and safer chimney all around.

To help your chimney provide the highest levels of performance and safety, consider having Northeastern Masonry & Chimney apply a smoke chamber sealant. Give us a call or click here to make an appointment with our experienced technicians!


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