We Can Provide Durable, Functional & Aesthetically-Pleasing Crown Repairs!

We’re often called in to do chimney crown repairs – that’s because the nature of the chimney crown’s placement and purpose means it’s under a lot of strain and stress day after day.

Masons or chimney technicians build a crown at the very top of the chimney to protect the system from water intrusion by diverting rain, sleet and other forms of precipitation away from the chimney masonry. As that crown is rained on, snowed on and baked in the summer sun, cracks can develop — and if those cracks get wide and deep enough, troubling chimney leaks will follow.

Given where your chimney crown is located, there’s a good chance you won’t see crown damage yourself until you have a leak on your hands. But if you’re keeping up with annual chimney inspections, Northeastern Masonry & Chimney technicians can identify crown damage before it leads to leaks and the need for expensive repairs.

We Can Repair Minimal Crown Damage With CrownSeal

If we’re able to catch crown damage before it becomes excessive (while there are just small cracks in the face of the crown, for example), we can likely repair it with a product called CrownSeal, which creates a flexible, waterproof elastomeric membrane over the surface. The product works to seal off small cracks, allowing the crown to protect the chimney once again. It’s a great product that our clients have been very happy with, and it’s guaranteed to hold up for years of use, too — when applied by professional technicians like those at Northeastern Masonry & Chimney, it carries a 10-year warranty.

Not sure if CrownSeal is right for you? We’ll assess your damage during an inspection, and recommend the best repair method.

Chimney crown and image of the different parts of the chimney such as drip edge, deteriorated crown and correctly installed crown

More Damaged Crowns Can Require Rebuilding

If your crown was poorly designed or constructed, or damage is considerable (with crumbling and spalling masonry or major cracks), Northeastern Masonry & Chimney technicians will likely need to build a new crown.

Simple crown washes that don’t have a proper slope to divert water away often fail and don’t function particularly well to begin with. When we design and install a new chimney crown, we follow the best practices for a highly-functional and long-lasting crown. For the best performance possible, we’ll construct a crown that, on its surface, slopes away from the chimney to encourage water diversion, and at its edges, extends at least 2 and 1/2 inches to keep water from dumping directly onto the chimney masonry. We’ll also reinforce the crown with steel to keep its shape true and durable. This design keeps the most water away from your bricks and joints and lasts the longest as well.

Do you have chimney crown damage? Or are you overdue for your annual chimney inspection? Give Northeastern Masonry & Chimney a call at 518-767-9315, or click here to request an appointment!


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