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Do your chimney and fireplace smell damp and moldy? Are you noticing signs of water damage, like rust streaks, brick deterioration or vegetation on your chimney or fireplace? If so, give us a call ASAP! A leaky chimney can quickly deteriorate, and by the time you notice the signs, extensive damage is typically done. That’s why annual inspections and preventative measures are so important. The best way to keep water problems at bay is to identify weak areas early on and arm your system against water intrusion – and we can help with that!

When we’re called in for water problems, we work to pinpoint water entry areas, using our 25-point water entry evaluation. We start with some of the most common entry points, such as the flashing, the roof area surrounding the chimney, the chimney cap, the chimney crown and the masonry of the chimney. Once we’ve done a comprehensive evaluation of your system, we’ll discuss the most effective approaches with you, so that you can choose the best plan of attack for your family and home.

Waterproofing Chimney Maintenance – Every time it rains, snows or sleets, your chimney is on guard, working to keep your flue and chimney system dry. If you think about it, it’s a pretty tough job, and the more help your chimney has, the better. That’s why we highly recommend having your chimney system professionally waterproofed. Our technicians have extensive experience applying the best and most effective waterproofing products on the market. These products were designed specifically for use on chimney systems, and can help keep your chimney dry without harming the masonry. For more information on our waterproofing services, please click here.

Flashing Repair & Installation — Flashing refers to the sheets of metal that are (hopefully) strategically installed at the joints where your chimney exits the roof. When properly installed and maintained, the flashing can be incredibly effective at keeping water out of your chimney system and home. Unfortunately:

  • not all installations are done properly
  • not all materials are high quality and durable
  • animals and strong storms can pry or tear flashing

Here at Northeastern Masonry & Chimney, we’re flashing repair and installation experts and guarantee a quality flashing job that is sure to last. For more information on the flashing repair and installation process, please click here.

Smelly Chimney – A properly working chimney system should not be producing any noticeable smells in the home. If you’ve noticed a smoke, mildew or other unpleasant smell emanating from your chimney, it’s highly likely that you have either a water problem or an air pressure problem. For the respiratory health of your family and the wellness of your chimney, be sure to contact us as soon as you notice an odor problem. For more information on the causes and cures for smelly chimneys, please visit our Smelly Chimney page.

Decayed Chimneys – Water is the number one contributor to chimney decay and can do quite a number on the chimney system before the homeowner is even aware of the problem. That’s why we can’t stress the importance of annual inspections enough. Annual inspections can alert you to water problems or any other issues within the system (such as creosote buildup) before they are able to cause serious deterioration. If your chimney is decaying, it’s important that you take action now to prevent further decay and ensure that your system is as efficient, as safe, and as structurally sound as it should be. For more information on the causes, symptoms and solutions for chimney decay, please check out our Decayed Chimneys page.

Call Northeastern Masonry & Chimney & Make Sure Your Chimney Can Weather The Weather!

If you’re having water problems with your chimney system or would like to take preventative measures to ensure that you don’t, give us a call at 518-767-9315, or click here. We would be more than happy to check your system for weak points and help you develop the appropriate plan of action. We look forward to helping you preserve your chimney system for years to come!


Annual chimney sweeping is one of the simplest things you can do to ensure the safe operation of your chimney. We highly recommend that you schedule this important service for your chimney today!