Protect And Preserve Your Chimney System With A Professionally-Installed Chimney Cap!

Having a chimney without a chimney cap is like sending a soldier into battle without armor. A capless chimney will have an opening at the top of the flue, allowing moisture and debris direct access to the system. Once inside, this moisture and debris can cause all sorts of damage to the chimney system, appliance and home, and can even cause chimney fires. To preserve your chimney system and protect yourself from the hazards and expensive repairs that come with element- and animal-related damage, be sure to have a properly-sized chimney cap professionally installed on your system.

What Does A Chimney Cap Protect Against?

Animal Intruders
The chimney cap, when professionally installed and properly sized, will protect your chimney system from all sorts of intruders like birds, squirrels, bats and other animals.

This is important because when these animals make their way into your system, they can leave behind messy, flammable nesting materials and feathers. These materials are not only a fire hazard – they can also restrict air flow within the chimney system, causing appliance inefficiency, smoke problems and other issues.

Four styles of chimney caps one that is double copper cap, two stainless steel that are custom and a white chimney cap

Worst still, young animals often get trapped in capless chimneys and are unable to find their way out. When this happens, these animals typically die, which can lead to odor problems and disease. You can prevent this from happening in your system simply by having a quality chimney cap installed.

Water Intrusion
In addition to animal intruders, a quality chimney cap can protect your system from the damage and decay caused by rain, sleet and snow. When water is allowed access to your chimney system, it can cause the masonry to crack, crumble, mold and decay. It can also cause any metal components within your system — such as your throat damper, flue liner and firebox — to rust. In many cases, water that enters through the chimney even ends up causing damage to the surrounding walls and ceilings. Keep expensive water damage repairs at bay by making sure your cap is properly installed and in good condition.

A capless chimney is defenseless against strong gusts of wind, which can make their way into the system and blow cold air and debris back down into the home. We can recommend a quality chimney cap that is specifically designed to discourage downdrafts. Just ask!

Arrest Sparks
Stray sparks from the fireplace or appliance can sometimes make their way onto your roof and nearby combustibles as they exit the chimney. To reduce the chance of an arrest spark fire, a chimney cap with 18 gauge wire mesh can be installed. The mesh will not inhibit necessary airflow, but will keep the sparks from exiting the chimney, where they could be a fire hazard.

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