Professional Fireplace Facelifts & Restorations

How many times have you seen a home improvement show where the hosts or homeowners have lingered on an eyesore of a fireplace? Fireplaces draw the eye, so they’re almost always the focal point of the room in which they’re installed. Which means if you have a beautiful fireplace, it makes the room — and home — feel beautiful. If you have a sooty, damaged or just plain unattractive fireplace, there’s a good chance it’s bringing the space right down with it.

The good thing about the aesthetic weight a fireplace carries is that, with some improvements from Northeastern Masonry & Chimney — like a fireplace facelift or fireplace restoration — your appliance can get a serious boost, and your whole living space will benefit significantly.

What Does A Fireplace Facelift Or Restoration Entail?

The fireplace facelift or restoration process can include as much or as little work as the fireplace needs. Some homes with older factory-built fireplaces need to have the appliance replaced, and the facing redone along with it. Masonry fireplaces or prefabricated fireplaces that still have some service life left in them can benefit from repairs to the facing, or just a refacing with new materials. Northeastern Masonry & Chimney technicians can inspect your system thoroughly and suggest the best approach for bringing your fireplace to a whole new level of beauty.

Fireplace Facelift Or Restoration Materials

If you’re hiring Northeastern Masonry & Chimney to restore your fireplace or give it a facelift, you’ll have a wide variety of options for giving it a new look. The materials play a major role in that process. Different materials we commonly use will have different benefits and fit different tastes and budgets — we can go over a mix of options with you, and help you decide what makes the most sense for your fireplace and your home.

Fireplace face lifts and rebuilds - This is a beautiful white surround with white mantel and clock sitting on top

Tiles — from natural stone to glass or other man-made materials — offer an incredibly broad variety of aesthetic styles. We can turn your traditional fireplace into something clean and modern, or we can take a very nondescript fireplace and turn it into something bright, colorful and arresting. It’s all up to your taste — our technicians can take just about any design you can dream up and make it a reality.

Homeowners who are drawn to more traditional looks tend to like strong, resilient brick — but traditional isn’t your only option here. Depending on color and pattern, we can reface a fireplace to look warmly traditional or wholly unique.

If luxury is what you’re going for, marble or granite might be a great choice for your reimagined fireplace. Stark slate can also bring a classy, modern look to a room. Natural stone always feels like a timeless choice, but if you love that look and are concerned about the budget, you can also consider cultured stone. These materials can provide a look that closely matches the luxurious beauty of natural stone at a much lower cost.


Lots of homeowners these days are drawn to concrete for a variety of uses, from countertops to floors, since it’s durable, sustainable, cost-effective and has a unique look. Concrete can be a great choice for fireplace facelifts as well, and your options are wide: You can choose a simple concrete look, or something with color and texture.


Does your fireplace need a facelift or a full restoration to bring it back to being a beautiful focal point in your home? Call Northeastern Masonry & Chimney at 518-767-9315 or click here — we’d be honored to help rekindle your love for your fireplace!


Whether you are thinking about installing your first fireplace or plan to renovate or restore an existing one, check out all the different kinds of fireplaces available before making your final choice. Northeastern Masonry & Chimney can help!

Before facelift wood mantel with a picture above and pictures across the mantel
Before photo of a fireplace, total facelift, new cultured stone, hearth, and glass doors
Before photo of rebuilt chimney from the roofline, precast crown, waterproofing, and a stainless liner to the furnace.
Before the restoration of a red brick chimney and a silver cap
Fireplace after facelift stacked stone all the way to the chimney-the firebox has a keystone above it and a large wooden mantel
Photo of a fireplace after a total facelift, new cultured stone, hearth, and glass doors
After photo of rebuilt chimney from the roofline, precast crown, waterproofing, and a stainless liner to the furnace.
Restored red brick chimney with a silver cap