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What Is A Chimney Pot?

Like a chimney cap, chimney pots are installed at the top of the flue to provide protection and a more finished look for the chimney termination.

Why Would I Want A Chimney Pot?

Chimney pots bring several benefits, from performance to aesthetics. Like a standard chimney cap, chimney pots help protect the flue against the effects of rain and other precipitation — and keeping moisture out of your chimney helps extend its life and leaves you with fewer repair problems. Chimney pots also provide protection against animals coming into your chimney to nest, and flammable debris falling into and blocking your flue.

Uniquely, chimney pots can also help enhance your chimney’s draft, increasing performance. Northeastern Masonry & Chimney can recommend a pot that’s the right diameter and height to inhibit wind-induced downdraft issues and encourage more consistent draft in your system.

But performance is just one side of the chimney pot’s beneficial qualities. These are beautiful and eye-catching additions to your home’s exterior, too, and they come in a wide variety of looks, shapes and sizes. So whether you’re looking to put the finishing touches on a restored historical home, or place an exclamation point on a unique modern building, we’ll be able to find a chimney pot that really suits you.

Four chimney pots that look like a crown on your head with a beautiful blue sky in the background

Different Types of Popular Chimney Pots

Northeastern Masonry & Chimney technicians most often install chimney pots made of either clay or copper, and each material has its own appeal.

Terra Cotta Clay Pots

Terra cotta/clay is a popular material used in chimneys – in fact, chimney liners were primarily constructed out of clay tiles for many years. Terra cotta is durable, holds up to water well (that’s why so many flower pots are made of terra cotta) and allows for wide design flexibility.

These can come in the standard orange terra cotta that we’re used to, or a variety of bold glazes that offer more color choices, from striking black to lighter and brighter off-white. And whether you want something simple or ornate, modern or classic, there’s a terra cotta clay pot you’ll like. These are, however, made for use on masonry chimneys rather than on prefabricated chimney chases.


Copper chimney pots can be installed on masonry chimney flues or on prefabricated chimney chases, and like clay, come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Copper is prized by many homeowners because, as a material, it’s remarkably durable and can last a lifetime. And through the years, these pots only tend to keep looking better, developing a unique patina that you can only find with copper.

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