Let Us Reface Or Repair Your Hearth!

In fireplace design, from the firebox to the mantel and doors or screens, you have a range of different options: something simple, clean and subtle, or something bold, dynamic and eye-grabbing. And putting your personal stamp on any or all of those parts can add up to a fireplace that really reflects your personality and that you’re really proud of.

People often overlook one part of the fireplace that serves an important function and adds a lot to the fireplace’s look: the hearth. A hearth, in its most basic sense, adds a layer of safety between the fireplace and flooring and living area, catching any errant embers and ash. But it can also be a big part of a fireplace’s look, in a good sense or a bad sense.

If your hearth is stained or damaged, it can add a shabby look to the room, or, more importantly, allow sparks and embers to reach nearby combustible materials. Northeastern Masonry & Chimney can repair a damaged hearth to bring it back to optimum function and appearance, or reface it to bring a whole new level of beauty to your fireplace and your room.

Material Options For Hearth Refacing

Hearths are commonly built with concrete and brick, and those materials offer plenty of flexibility as far as looks go, including color and brick pattern. But you have many other options if you’re looking to have your hearth refaced.

Tile allows for an even broader variety of patterns, colors and shapes – with tile, Northeastern Masonry & Chimney technicians can create something stark and modern, or bright and filled with texture, like a Spanish villa.

Natural stone can bring an air of luxury, beauty and durability. This can include tile or slabs, from slate to granite or marble. Each has its own benefits and maintenance needs, and Northeastern Masonry & Chimney can help advise you on the differences so that you can decide what material might be right for your space, your budget and your lifestyle.

If your hearth is damaged or looking worse for wear, Northeastern Masonry & Chimney can help. Give us a call at 518-767-9315 to talk about your options for a beautiful and functional hearth! You can also request an appointment here.


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