We Specialize In Chimney & Masonry Repairs!

At Northeastern Masonry & Chimney, masonry repairs and restoration are a specialty and a passion. Our detail-oriented, exacting work has been praised well beyond the Albany area — we were tapped to restore the fireplaces at the Governors’ Mansion in Boston, and for restoration work at the Franklin D. Roosevelt home in Hyde Park, as well as many other historical sites in New York. We’re trusted with those valued pieces of history because we take pains to provide the best masonry work possible — repairs that both blend with the original masonry work and bolster the chimney or fireplace’s strength for years to come.

When you’re in need of chimney and masonry repairs, call Northeastern Masonry & Chimney — our CSIA-certified technicians will bring dedicated, expert workmanship, whether we’re simply repairing a damper or completely rebuilding your chimney.

Some Chimney And Masonry Repair Work Northeastern Masonry & Chimney Can Provide

Crown Repairs
It’s not uncommon for masonry chimney crowns to crack after years of abuse from the elements. It’s important to have a damaged crown repaired quickly, though, since crown cracks are also one of the more common causes of leaks. For more information on crown repairs, click here.

Repointing, Tuckpointing & Spalling
If the joints on your masonry chimney or fireplace have started to crack or recede, we can bring that masonry back to looking and functioning the way it should with repointing/tuckpointing work. If your masonry has started spalling (flaking, chipping and crumbling), we can help make proper repairs there as well. To find out more, check out Repointing, Tuckpointing & Spalling.

Tall yellowish rock chimney with custom cap.

Chimney Caps
A properly-fitted chimney cap can work to protect your chimney system from water, debris and animals, and is an essential part of maintaining a healthy chimney. If your chimney cap is in need of replacement, the expert technicians at Northeastern Masonry & Chimney can help! Click here for more information on the importance of chimney caps and how we can help.

Rebuilding/Brick Repair
Bricks are resilient, and with proper maintenance, can last a century or more. But water and weather, as well as the natural settling of a home, can take their toll on bricks and mortar joints. It’s important to have experienced professionals repair or rebuild masonry chimneys, because using the wrong materials in the wrong way can make the damage worse, leaving ugly and obvious repairs and damaging the chimney’s structural integrity. Call our experienced technicians for industry-leading, expert masonry work. For more information on the repairs and rebuilds we can do, please click here.

Damper & Flue Repairs
If your throat damper is stuck or corroded, and/or you’d like to take advantage of the energy-saving benefits that come with a top-sealing damper, we can help! For more information on the ways that a new top-sealing damper can protect your flue and increase efficiency, please visit our Damper & Flue Repairs page.

Firebox Repair
A damaged firebox makes enjoying your fireplace a highly unsafe endeavor. Whether you need refractory panels replaced in a factory-built firebox, tuckpointing work in a masonry firebox or other repairs, we can do the job. For more information, click here.

Hearth Refacing/Repairs
The hearth in front of your fireplace provides protection and visual appeal. But if it’s cracking or falling apart, it provides neither. We can reface or repair your hearth for optimum beauty and optimum function. For more information on hearth repairs and refacing, please click here.

Whatever your chimney or masonry repair needs, you can trust Northeastern Masonry & Chimney to get the job done right. Call today at 518-767-9315 or click here to make an appointment with our CSIA-certified technicians!


Does your chimney need relining? The technicians at Northeastern Masonry & Chimney can discuss your options when it comes to this specialized chimney service.