Your chimney is a dark, cramped space. Because of this, chimney inspections can often be difficult and cracks or other potential chimney issues may be missed. However, we now have technology that allows us to carefully inspect every square inch of your chimney with the use of a video camera. Although video scans are usually not used on routine inspections. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) requires that a video scan takes place at any Level 2 or 3 inspection. These inspections normally occur when changes are made to your system (i.e. relining the flue, fuel changes, etc…) or components are removed from your system (i.e. chimney crown or interior chimney wall). Scans are common when there is an issue with the chimney and a technician wants to take a closer look.

At Northeastern Masonry & Chimney, we want to give you the best service possible and video scanning technology allows us to confidently diagnose a problem that you may be experiencing with your chimney.

How does video scanning work?

Our CSIA certified technicians scan your chimney using a remote camera. This is done by feeding a line with an attached camera and light up or down your chimney. A technician will then scan your chimney by taking videos of the inside of your chimney. The camera is controlled by the technician (usually by remote control). While the camera is taking video, the technician will look at a live feed of what is being scanned inside the chimney allowing them to assess the condition of your chimney.

How do video scans benefit you?

Video scans allow our technicians to quickly and accurately diagnose issues you may be having with your chimney. This means a couple things. First, getting issues resolved quickly allows you to access to your chimney faster. This is important during those cold New York winters. Second, at Northeastern Masonry & Chimney we value your safety. Video scanning gives us the confidence that we have caught all potential issues to your chimney that may be a danger to you and your home.

Animal nests or old chimney repairs that may not have been done correctly increase the potential of chimney fires. Video scans are often used after a fire to inspect chimneys. These scans provide evidence to support you insurance claim after a fire.

At Northeastern Masonry & Chimney, we care about giving you the best service available. If you would like to see if a video scan is recommended for your chimney, please contact us today and set up an appointment to have one of our CSIA certified technicians inspect your chimney.