“One of National Geographic Traveler’s Top 20 Must-See Places on its ‘Best of the World’ list, the Hudson Valley is a photographer’s paradise. Home to some of America’s most visited sites, this region has everything from sweeping rivers and majestic valleys to quiet farms and little towns. With a long-standing tradition of hospitality and a rich settlers’ history, the Hudson Valley’s list of attractions may be longer than the Hudson River itself!”

Home Sweet HomeHudson Valley Image - Albany NY - Northeastern Chimney

Being able to hike the Catskills or walk across the Hudson River whenever we want are pleasures that many Hudson Valley residents and visitors alike refuse to take for granted. We never cease to revel, if even for a few seconds, in the beauty presented to us on all sides every time we leave our homes. Words simply cannot do our beloved Hudson Valley justice.

Sourcing Local Ingredients

You can get a genuine satisfaction from buying milk and eggs produced by cows and chickens in our proverbial backyard, or fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers, or beer brewed just miles from us. After years spent sweating and stressing out in New York City kitchens, it’s not uncommon for seasoned chefs to head north and open their own restaurants. We can take comfort in the fact that so many of our region’s chefs and business owners have partnered with area farmers to offer local foods at their establishments.

Enjoying the Arts

The Hudson Valley is an artist’s wonderland. There’s something about this place that sparks creativity, innovation, and spirit. For those of you who are into music history, Bethel Woods (the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival) is but a short drive. You can visit these hallowed grounds and picture the throngs of people covering the hillside listening to Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. We have wildly popular artists passing through our theaters, museums, small venues, and independent cinemas every season. Launched just 15 years ago, the Woodstock Film Festival is just a baby compared to some of the bigger film fests in the country, but it’s gained steam with its focus on independent, occasionally controversial films that fit well with the town’s vibe.

Loving that Small Town Feel

Unlike people in more remote regions of the state and/or country who grow up resenting their small towns, people in the Hudson Valley actually enjoy life in a smaller pond. Keep in mind, most of the people here have the option of living in New York City, but have taken a pass. Plus, metropolitan life is usually a short drive or train ride away if they’re feeling the draw of the bright lights.

Because they’re generally the friendly type, Hudson Valley residents won’t come right out and say it, but in their heart of hearts, they know their city or town has the best festivals with the art and culture scene and the best access to the great outdoors. We could keep going for days, but that would severely cut into the amount of time you’re able to go out and actually enjoy the wonderful Heaven on Earth that is the Hudson Valley.