a skull and jack-o-lantern on a wood logYou get home from a long day at work, pour yourself a hot beverage, grab your favorite book, and go to light a fire in your fireplace.

But what is that noise? Is there a ghost in my chimney?

While October may be just the month to host ghouls and goblins, the sound you are hearing in your chimney is bats. Discovering bats living in your chimney is both scary and problematic… but never fear! There are things you can do to get them out of your chimney and Northeastern Masonry & Chimney is here to help.

Why Are There Bats in My Chimney?

Bats naturally are drawn to trees and caves when roosting. Unfortunately, we humans have created some pretty appealing habitats for bats that seem to them to be just as good as the caves and trees that they know and love. Under bridges and awnings, and you can’t forget church belfrys all offer bats the same type of amenities that caves and trees do.

Your chimney is no different. Here are some reasons bats would love to make your chimney their home:

  • It’s cozy. Even though it seems cold and dark, it is actually pretty cozy for a bat. Bats don’t like big swings in temperature. They don’t like it too hot and they don’t like it too cold. Your chimney is out of the sunlight in the summer and out of the wind in the winter. This means that the variance in temperatures between the seasons is way less than the outdoors.
  • It’s protective. Your chimney is completely surrounded and protected from the outside world. Bats are looking for homes that are protected from wind and rain, as well as predators. They are especially attracted to these protected places when they are ready to have and raise young pups. Your chimney makes bats invisible to predators and shielded from mother nature’s bad side.
  • It’s easily accessible. Your chimney sits high above your house where bats can get in and out without being bothered. Bats can fit through surprisingly small spaces, so if there is the slightest opening available to them they can navigate it. Because your chimney is so high up, they can get in and out without even being noticed.

How Do I Get Bats Out of My Chimney?

Bats are actually really great for our local ecosystem. When bats go out at night they feast on insects – and when we say feast, we mean they can easily eat over 4,500 of them in a night. It’s quite normal for a bat to average over 1,000 insects per hour. That is really good news for us. I mean, imagine how many bugs we’d be dealing with if the bats weren’t around.

That being said, it is not good for you and the bats to be roommates. They carry disease and can damage property, while your way of life poses a number of threats to them, as well. Getting them gone requires a little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of patience.

  1. a bat hanging upside down from a branchKnow the Law: Almost every state has a number of laws enforced to protect bat colonies. Knowing your local laws is a must before even disturbing the colony. In New York State, momma bats are nursing their young throughout the summer. That means, moving bat populations between May 15th and August 15th is highly regulated. Following the law will help ensure that the process of evicting the bats is safe for them and for you.
  2. Time It Right: When pups (baby bats) are born, they don’t leave the roost. As they grow older they will begin venturing out and catching all those bugs on their own. When removing bats it’s necessary that the entire colony leaves and that none are left behind. That is why timing is everything. Mid-to-late fall is the best time because bats are still active at night.
  3. Hire a Pro: Removing bats is a delicate process that involves tools and equipment like one way devices, which are designed to let bats out, but not back in. A professional will be able to spot all the possible entrances and exits of the bats and make sure they are all covered as you begin the removal process. They are also knowledgeable of local laws and the tendencies of various bat species. Long story short, working with a professional is the safest way to go.

Bat Eviction Aftermath: Keeping Them Out

Once the bats are gone it’s time to start the process of preventing them from coming back. That’s where we come in. Northeastern Masonry & Chimney has a team of chimney and fireplace technicians that will help you get things cleaned up, inspected, sealed, and repaired, so that bats never come back.

At Northeastern Masonry & Chimney, our community is important to us. We know that both bats and our customers need great homes that offer warmth and joy. We give that to our customers by offering the best in chimney, wood stove, and fireplace services.

Our chimney sweeps will get rid of the guano and debris left behind by bats, as well as the soot and creosote left behind by burning things in your fireplace. Our technicians will inspect your chimney and locate weaknesses where animal life could penetrate. They can get things sealed and repaired so you can enjoy your chimney without worrying about wild intruders.

Need Chimney Services? Count On Us

Call us today to schedule your cleaning and inspection and keep the bats out in nature where they belong. We’re happy to help you out!

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