Your fireplace was constructed with special materials that were designed to withstand extreme conditions. However, after years of burning fires, even the most durable fireplaces will begin to deteriorate and show signs of aging. Although you may love the look of your historic fireplace, when your masonry starts to fail, you might think it’s time for a new fireplace. Don’t tear it down just yet! Our masons have decades of experience restoring and rebuilding historic fireplaces. We can make your historic fireplace something that you can enjoy for many more years.

Only trust a professionalold historic home with two chimneys

Did you know that masons use special types of bricks to create your fireplace’s firebox? These bricks can withstand the high heat of your fires are needed to avoid cracks and crumbling when the heat comes. Over the years of being exposed to light, older bricks tend to change color. This can make masonry repairs difficult because the color of new materials may not match your current masonry. This is why we suggest using only professional masons with years of experience. Look for a mason that has been certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). A CSIA certified mason is not only certified to perform quality masonry work, but your safety will be their top priority.

Updating a historic fireplace and chimney

Unfortunately, historic fireplaces and chimneys weren’t necessarily built to the new standard dimensions and safety codes. If you have a chimney that was built before the 1930’s it may need to be properly lined. Chimney liners are crucial to the safe operation of your fireplace. If your chimney doesn’t have a liner, it isn’t safe to operate. Many older chimneys have been retrofitted with stainless-steel liners. However, if your chimney has an odd shape, your liner may not be doing its job correctly. If you have an older fireplace and it has never been inspected, schedule an appointment with an experienced mason today. Our experienced masons can make sure your liner is up to standards and if not, they will custom fit one for your chimney.

We can help!

If you have an older fireplace that is looking a little worn or a historic fireplace that has never been inspected, we can help! Call Northeastern Masonry and Chimney today at 518-767-9315 or visit us online to schedule an inspection with a mason today and we look forward to restoring life into your home!