There are lots of ways to freshen up your fireplace, and now that’s we’re nearing the start of summer, now’s the time to get it done. That way, come fall, you’ll be all set and ready to use you system with ease! Call in our sweeps now to ensure your system is running safely and efficiently.

Dealing With Odors?

Are odors entering your home from your chimney? There are lots of reasons why this might be occurring, but the most common are heavy creosote deposits, animals in your flue, and water-related damages.

Fortunately, our sweeps are equipped to help with it all. We can address any damages that may cause water to linger and create smelly mold or other odors, after which we can thoroughly sweep your chimney, ensuring everything that shouldn’t be in there is taken out (this will take care of the creosote, too).

And if it’s animals you’re dealing with, we can help get them out, then install a quality chimney cap, which should keep them out for good.

Invest in Repairs

Freshen up Spring - Albany NY - Northeastern bricksWhile bad smells in the chimney can be obvious, water damage can be happening behind the scenes for years causing major damage unbeknownst to you. This is a big reason why annual inspections are always recommended.

We can correct any water damage you might be facing, then set you up with preventative measures, like waterproofing, to ensue you don’t face more issues down the line. We also offer crown rebuilds, tuckpointing services, firebox repairs, and more.

Consider an Upgrade

Once all repairs are completed and protective measures are in place, there are customers that are simply tired of the look and feel of their fireplace and are ready for a change. Some of our update options include:

  • Facelifts: A facelift gives your fireplace a new look and feel by well… replacing the face of it. At Northeastern Masonry, we offer a variety of materials for your facelift, including tile, stone, brick, and concrete. We’d be happy to figure out which option would be best suited to your needs.
  • Insert Installation: We have a wide array of inserts that can fit in with any style, all while delivering that extra level of heat and efficiency you’re hoping for. We sell options in all different fuel types – gas, wood, or pellet – and we have the knowledge and experience to set you up with the one that will work best for your needs.
  • Rebuilds: Need an entire rebuild completed? Our experts can help with that, too, and we even specialize in historical fireplace restoration. These systems obviously need to be handled with care, but we can get it fixed up right, all without affecting it’s classic look and feel.
  • Switching Fuels: There’s no denying that wood-burning systems offer a great ambiance – the smells and sounds of burning logs is hard to replicate! That said, not everyone has the time to maintain them, in which gas might be a better option – and models today are more realistic than ever.

Why Springtime?

Why is springtime the best time to get this maintenance done? Well, mostly because your system isn’t facing much use. Once warm weather arrives, most aren’t lighting fires on a regular basis, which makes it an ideal time for us to swoop in and get some of those bigger repairs and upgrades out of the way – all without inconveniencing you or delaying your burning season.

Freshen up Spring - Albany NY - Northeastern springAlong with this, sweeps tend to get busier during the fall and we don’t want you waiting weeks for a day and time that’s best for your schedule. If you call now, you shouldn’t have any trouble booking the day that’s best for you.

Finally, most repairs are best done when temps are higher. If completed in winter, certain materials won’t cure properly, and your system will be more likely to break down. Basically… if you want repairs to last, call us in today!

Ready to Get in Touch?

Ready to get in touch with our crew? Whatever you need for your chimney, Northeastern Masonry and Chimney can get it done for you. Whatever your system needs, we can provide it or, if it’s something new you’re after, we can handle that, too.

So, reach out now. Our CSIA certified technicians are here and ready to serve! Call 518-535-4527 today or reach out to us online. Thanks for choosing us.