What is the origin of the word “chimney”? That’s easy. It derives from the French word “cheminée,” which came from a Latin word “caminata,” which borrowed from the Greek word “kaminos.” Over the years, though, the meanings were similar: fireplace, furnace, forge, flue. Okay, okay, we apologize. That is NOT a common chimney question. It is surely an uncommon chimney question.

But we’re prepared. It is Northeastern Masonry & Chimney’s way of saying: Go ahead. Play Chimney Jeopardy with us. We are eager and willing to answer your chimney questions.

Does the EPA have rules for residential chimneys?Answers to Common Chimney Questions - Albany NY - Northeastern Masonry & Chimney

It is probably more relevant to speak of EPA rules for particulate emissions and combustion by-products. In that sense, the appliance that does the burning has regulations that apply to it. But the whole system has parts that work in concert with each other, including the chimney. Incidentally, the EPA has a voluntary program, called Burn Wise, that encourages consumers to burn the right wood the right way in the right appliance. Also, note that local and state entities may have requirements related to chimneys.

What are chimneys made of?

That depends on when the chimney was built. Traditional chimneys were typically made of stone, concrete or brick, or some variation of that. Today, some chimneys are prefabricated using metals or other materials. Old chimneys sometimes have to be retrofitted with a stainless-steel liner to provide the safety and protection you need. Northeastern Masonry & Chimney takes special pride in meeting the challenges of historic chimney restoration. We maintain the exterior beauty while providing the latest technology and materials of protection.

What will chimneys of the future be made of?

Who can say? Even if scientists or chemists devise some heat-resistant compound, we are confident that homeowners in the Northeast will consider their chimney from a functional and aesthetic perspective. After all, most people would not want to ruin the harmonious look of their home with an imitation Space Needle concoction. Even with improved flue materials, homeowners want to present a lovely exterior to their neighbors and community.

What are chimney bluffs?

Chimney Bluffs is a New York State Park on the shores of Lake Ontario. The shoreline landscape features natural spires resembling chimneys. We just wanted to make sure you were still reading. (Insert smiley emoji here.)

How many levels of chimney inspection does Northeastern Masonry & Chimney offer?

We offer three levels of increasing levels of inspection. Our Chimney Safety Institute of America-certified professionals perform the service, which is recommended annually.

What is chimney repointing and tuckpointing?

These processes involve the repair of failed or receding mortar joints in a chimney. Northeastern Masonry & Chimney technicians are experts at repairing joints by repointing or tuckpointing. We carefully grind out existing joints so that the new mortar will adhere properly. We then apply new mortar to create strong, water-repelling joints.

What is an FAQ?

An FAQ is a frequently asked question. Here are some more chimney FAQ’s.

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