When you’re a kid, there’s only one good reason to make sure the chimney is swept clean and in good order – Santa! If Saint Nick can’t make his way into your home on Christmas Eve, you might be left disappointed the next morning, so having everything swept, repaired, and ready to go is essential.

Once you’re a little older, we’re hoping your chimney priorities remain at the top of your list. (Although, it’s probably not because you’re concerned about Santa.) Rather, you’re more likely concerned about whether or not you can safely light fires for your family’s enjoyment throughout the colder winter months.

My team and I have been serving local communities for over three decades now, and we’re still at it because we’re truly passionate about what we do. That’s why there are only two people to trust with your chimney in these parts – me and Santa!

Call today to set up an appointment for an inspection, so you’re guaranteed a safer and cozier holiday season in the weeks ahead. There’s no one better to trust in Albany, the Capital District, or all of the surrounding areas.

Why Rely on Me – Joe Shear

I found Northeastern Masonry & Chimney in 1993, and ever since have been doing everything possible to ensure my customers stay as safe and as satisfied as possible in terms of chimney care. Back in the early years of running my business, my crew and I became dedicated to staying educated and on top of it all – in an industry that’s always evolving and ever-changing this is a must! Fortunately for you, we haven’t stopped since.

The crew at Northeastern Masonry & Chimney is certified with the CSIA and attend courses and seminars from the NCSG on a regular basis. When it comes to both meeting and exceeding standards in this line of work, we never quit!

In the end, you won’t find anyone better at discovering new and improved ways to keep your chimney and fireplace in the best shape possible.

The Dangers of a Neglected Fireplace

Why is chimney care so important, especially this time of year? Well, putting your system in the hands of someone you can trust is vital because even the smallest area of damage or the tiniest bit of build-up can trigger some big disasters that wind up putting your household at risk. These issues could also end up costing you a lot in repair and renovation work.

One of the dangers people are prone to experience during their burning season is toxic fumes entering their homes. Smoke, carbon monoxide, and other vapors can easily work their way through cracks and crevices if given the option. Ensuring everything is well-sealed guarantees all of those fumes escape up and out of the chimney where they belong.

Another danger comes in the form of chimney fires. If your creosote levels are getting high, having a professional remove all that build-up before lighting your fireplace is a must. Why? Well, creosote is incredibly flammable, and if it ignites it will send flames all the way up your chimney. Your liner isn’t designed to withstand temperatures that intense, which means it will break down and leave your home vulnerable.

What’s possibly even more concerning is that chimney fires aren’t often obvious events. Most of the time, homeowners will be completely unaware one has occurred, and they’ll continue using their fireplace, not realizing that flames could be easily spreading to the rest of their home in just a matter of hours.

All in all, a thorough inspection will ensure you can use your fireplace with ease and peace of mind this Christmas. And let’s face it – the last thing your holiday season needs is more stress!

Call in our team now. We’ll look everything over, ensuring no cracking, crumbling, or deterioration is present, and we’ll check for any missing/broken-down parts, as well. And if it’s a level 2 inspection you need, that’s no problem either! We use high-quality camera equipment to ensure we never miss a thing.

The Inspiration Behind the Name

So, where’d the slogan come from? Well, years ago I went to a home on one of the first snows of the season. The flakes had just started to come down, giving the area that fresh, clean look that we’ve all come to know and love. Later the homeowner told me that upon my arrival her son said that Joe the Chimney Man was here to make the chimney ready for Santa.

If you were to ask a kid what they think of when they hear the word chimney, we’re guessing Santa will be the first thing most of them say. As you get older, your priorities change, but fortunately, you still have someone you can trust just as much – me and my team of experts.

For care you can depend on every holiday season, there’s nowhere better to turn. Schedule your inspection with Northeastern Masonry & Chimney soon, so we can get you all set and ready to enjoy your holidays. We’re ready for your call!