Have you noticed little chips of brick laying on top of your roof? If so, you are probably wondering why. Chipping masonry, also called spalling, is an issue that needs attention right away. At Northeastern Masonry and Chimney, we’ve seen our fair share of masonry issues. Our experienced masons can help you determine if you have spalling issues or not, and our team can repair them to restore the beauty of your fireplace.

Why does spalling happen?

Say No to Spalling! Let Our Experts Perform Repointing or Tuckpointing - Albany NY - Northeastern Masonry & ChimneyMoisture is devastating to the health of your chimney. When rain, snow, or sleet enters your masonry, it seeps into the tiny pores in your bricks and mortar. This slowly starts to erode your masonry from the inside out. Masonry erosion is worse in the winter when water freezes and expands, causing your masonry to chip away. Chimney components such as your chimney cap, flashing and chimney crown all prevent water intrusion in your masonry. It is important to keep these components well maintained to reduce the effect of moisture on your chimney’s health.

What should I do about spalling?

Keeping moisture from seeping into your masonry is essential to prevent spalling. Your chimney is designed to fight against moisture intrusion in your masonry. Keeping a well-maintained chimney is the first line of defense against spalling. That’s why it is important to get your chimney inspected annually by a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified chimney technician. At Northeastern Masonry and Chimney, our certified chimney technicians have years of experience inspecting chimneys, and they can determine if your chimney is at risk for spalling.

If your chimney is spalling, Northeastern Masonry and Chimney can help. Oftentimes, spalling points to other issues. First, we need to determine how water is getting into your masonry. If your chimney crown is starting to crumble or detach, our experienced masons can rebuild it. Next, we need to address the spalling issue. If the spalling is very bad, then masonry repairs is necessary. Repairs include replacing a couple bricks or rebuilding your chimney.

Solutions to Spalling

We also offer is repointing, also known as tuckpointing. Repointing consists of removing old and crumbling mortar around your bricks and replacing it with new mortar. This helps to repel water, and it also strengthens your masonry. This procedure takes special tools and experience, so only trust a mason that is properly trained.

At Northeastern Masonry and Chimney, our masons are top notch! Whether you need small chimney repairs or your whole chimney rebuilt, we can help. Call Northeastern Masonry and Chimney today at 518-767-9314, or schedule an appointment online to meet with one of our CSIA chimney technicians today and ask how we can fix your spalling issues!