Drip, drop, drip. It’s not a pleasant sound for a homeowner. Correct that: the soporific sound of a steady rain can be one of Nature’s most soothing sound tracks. We don’t mean that. No, we mean the annoying and alarming sound of what appears to be a leaky roof. The kind of sound that keeps you up nights, with nightmarish visions of expensive repair bills.

Drip, drop, drip. Is my roof leaking? Uh-oh? Drip, drop, drip. Do I call a roofer? Maybe. Maybe not.

We politely suggest you first call Northeastern Masonry & Chimney. Why? It may be a chimney problem, not a roof problem.

Hear us out.

A winter of snow, ice, and rain — along with freeze-thaw cycles — can result in a leaky roof that masks the root cause: a leaky chimney. A chimney leak presents identifiable symptoms and signs. Turn to the experts at Northeastern Masonry & Chimney to determine if you have a chimney leak posing as a roof problem.

Do you have damaged roof shingles? Northeastern Masonry & Chimney can investigate to discern whether damaged roof shingles are a symptom or a cause. We know how to spot chimney-leak symptoms, ranging from water in your hearth, crumbling mortar joints, moisture around your flashing, cracked brickwork or odors from mold — and, of course, damaged roof shingles. Incidentally, roof shingles are ironically one of the least common causes of chimney leaks.

A typical cause of chimney leaks is improperly installed or damaged flashing, or gaps in the sealant around the flashing. One of your chimney’s most important shields against water infiltration is its flashing, which is installed on all four sides where the chimney rises up out of the roof. Sometimes portions of chimney flashing can be torn or damaged, or the high-performing caulk that’s used to seal some edges can pull off, giving water an opportunity to enter.

Northeastern Masonry & Chimney experts are trained to assess flashing, whether it’s materials or installation. Other chimney leak causes can range from a faulty or missing chimney cap, allowing rainwater in, a damaged chimney liner, or a damaged flue. Any of these malefactors can masquerade as a roof problem.

Prevent or address a chimney leak by getting a professional chimney inspection. That’s your first line of defense. Northeastern Masonry & Chimney has developed a 25-point comprehensive water-entry inspection. Our time-tested techniques of inspection can evaluate what’s going on.

What’s the next step? That depends on what we find.

Remedies can range from flashing repair, resealing, chimney waterproofing, or adding or repairing a crown – fit for a king or queen.

Let Northeastern Masonry & Chimney take a look.

Not sure what to do? Please call Northeastern Masonry & Chimney at 518-767-9315 or make an appointment online.

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