We are always looking for ways to save energy, a valuable resource, especially when it comes to heating our homes. Increasing energy efficiency in your heating system always leads to less money, due to savings in heating costs. Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promoted fireplace inserts as an easy and relatively inexpensive way to reduce the energy output of your old fireplace.

Increasing Energy Efficiency Image - Albany NY - Northeastern Masonry & ChimneyNortheastern Chimney offers several different fuel types of fireplace inserts, all meeting the approval of the EPA as energy-efficient heating systems. Whether you want to stay with the type of fireplace you currently have or if you are interested in switching from a wood-burning fireplace to a gas-burning insert, our expert staff is ready to guide you through the process of selecting and installing an energy-efficient fireplace insert.

A great way to update the look of your fireplace, convert its fuel type, increase its energy efficiency, or restore an unusable fireplace, fireplace inserts come in different types of fuel sources:

  • Gas and Propane Inserts – If you are tired with the upkeep of a wood-burning fireplace, you can easily convert to a gas or propane fireplace with an insert. Cost-effective, a gas or propane fireplace insert will give you the convenience of gas without going through the expense and commitment of a complete fireplace rebuild. Northeastern Chimney carries a variety of brands and designs of gas or propane inserts, including Focus and The Sienna from Envirofire, Killington and Willoughby from HearthStone, and Windsor Fireplace Insert from Valor.
  • Pellet and Corn Inserts – For the best environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient fireplace you can buy, a pellet or corn-burning fireplace insert will save you much in both dollars and energy. Using very inexpensive fuel like small pellets made of sawdust or corn, these fireplaces and stoves are easy to use and give high outputs of heat. Brands and designs of pellet or corn inserts you will find at Northeastern Chimney include The Empress, The Meridian, and The Milan Fireplace Inserts by Envirofire, the Accentra Insert from Harman, and The York by St. Croix Stoves.
  • Wood Inserts – You may know that a wood-burning fireplace is the least energy-efficient of the fireplaces because of the energy needed to burn wood as well as the toxins that can be released from wood smoke. Fortunately, modern wood-burning fireplace inserts burn a lot cleaner, releasing fewer toxins. These fireplace inserts also waste less fuel than older wood-burning fireplaces. Exception Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert by Harman, Clydesdale and Morgan from HearthStone, and the Pacific, Summit, and Vista Inserts by Pacific Energy are just a few of the wood inserts you can find at Northeastern Chimney.

If you are considering going in the energy-efficient direction with a fireplace insert, contact the experts at Northeastern Chimney. We will help you think about the type of fuel you want to use, which look you want in your home, and what needs to be done to make your existing chimney system compatible with the new insert. Our qualified staff can guide you to make the best and wisest purchase for your home, and the Chimney Safety Institute of America-certified fireplace insert installation experts at Northeastern Chimney will be ready to place it in your home for you.