Oftentimes, older homes come with a masonry chimney installed in them. Masonry chimneys are highly sought after because of the aesthetics that they add to a living area. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to operate a masonry fireplace. Chopping and hauling wood, trying to build a fire, and maintenance of a masonry fireplace often turn people off to ever using their fireplace. At Northeastern Fireplace and Design, we want you to know that there is a way for you to enjoy your masonry fireplace, without all the time and effort involved with operating one. If you want to start enjoying the warm glow of a fire in your home, a gas appliance may be exactly what you are looking for.

Gas Log Sets vs. Gas Insertscreened in patio with gas log fireplace

There are basically two different options when it comes to installing a gas appliance inside of a masonry fireplace, gas log sets, and gas inserts. Both of these appliances are fueled by gas and are turned on by flipping a switch. In addition to this, they are cleaner burning than wood fires, so you won’t have as much creosote buildup in your chimney.

Gas Log Sets

A gas log set is an appliance that is installed in an existing masonry fireplace. It consists of installing a gas burner in your fireplace. This burner is set to produce large dancing flames, such as the ones you would see in a wood-burning fireplace. A set of fire-resistant, ceramic logs are then placed on top of the burner. These logs are designed to look like real logs, and when combined with the burner, create a realistic wood fire experience. Gas log sets are not meant to be a primary heating source, so although they produce heat, they lack the efficiency of other gas appliances.

Gas Inserts

A gas fireplace insert is a heating appliance that is inserted into an already existing masonry fireplace, essentially replacing the firebox. However, inserts differ than wood-burning fireplaces because they are designed to retain more heat and push that heat into the home, instead of out of your chimney. This means they are a lot more heat efficient and can be used as a secondary, and often a primary, heating source. One drawback of a gas insert is that, since it burns hotter and more efficient, it doesn’t create an ambiance that is achieved by a gas log set.

At Northeastern Masonry and Chimney, we have a variety of gas log and gas inserts for you to choose from. Our fireplace experts can help you choose an appliance option that’s best for you and install it in your masonry fireplace. If you are ready to put your masonry fireplace to use, call Northeastern Masonry & Chimney at 518-767-9315 or visit our showroom to talk to one of our representatives today!