Do you want to work in an industry where you are always doing something different every day? Do you want to help make people’s homes cleaner and safer to live in? Do you want to work with a team of professionalsNow Hiring that will train and guide you to a great career? If you answered yes to these questions, then we here at Northeastern Masonry and Chimney would like you to apply to start a career with us!

What does working for us have to offer?

Before you think about working for any employer, it’s important to know what they have to offer their employees. Working as a chimney and masonry technician for Northeastern Masonry and Chimney has a lot to offer. Although we offer a very competitive wage and a great health insurance package, there are a lot of other benefits that you will receive when you work for us. Working for us allows you to work with your hands, it helps you stay active, and your work environment changes all the time! There isn’t the monotony of going to the same office and doing the exact same thing every day like some jobs out there. There are also a lot of specialized skills that you will acquire while training and working as a chimney technician, including masonry working as well as appliance and ventilation installation, to name a few.

Another asset that you will receive working with us is a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certification. A CSIA certification means that you’ve gone through rigorous training courses designed around the chimney, fireplace, and ventilation installation, maintenance, and safety. Becoming CSIA certified is no easy task, but with the guidance of our already CSIA trained experts at Northeastern Masonry and Chimney, you can earn this certification, giving you a professional step above most other chimney technicians. Our goal is to make sure you would have all the skills in place to earn your CSIA certification within the first six months of working with us.

What are we looking for in a chimney technician?

We also want to let you know what we are looking for in a chimney technician. First of all, it is important to be friendly and out-going. Our clients are the hallmark of our business here at Northeastern Masonry and Chimney and making sure that they are happy with how we treat them is important to our company. Our customers invite us into their homes to help them with their chimney service needs and we need someone working with us that we can trust to treat our customers and their homes with the utmost respect.

We also need someone who is a good communicator. Communication between employees is critical to make sure that everyone is on the same page with the type of work that needs to be done for our clients. Someone who works for us also must have the ability to write inspection reports clearly and concisely using trade language correctly and translate our trade language back to our customers in a way that is easy for them to understand.

There are some physical requirements when working as a chimney sweep. Naturally, a chimney technician must be comfortable with heights. This type of work requires climbing ladders, walking on roofs, and looking inside the top of chimneys. If being high up off the ground is something that makes you uncomfortable, being a chimney technician is probably not the best career choice for you. Other physical requirements include the ability to lift at least 80 lbs and a willingness to work overtime during our peak season. Other general requirements include a valid driver’s license, a driving record that has no major violations, and a pre-hire drug screening.

Our Team

When you work for Northeastern Masonry and Chimney, you will get to work with an amazing and highly skilled team of chimney and masonry professionals. In 1993, our founder Joseph Shear decided to start a chimney and fireplace maintenance business. He and his small team of chimney and masonry experts quickly became known in the Albany area as one of the best chimney sweep businesses in the area. They became especially well known for their ability to restore historic chimneys and fireplaces. Now, after nearly 27 years of experience in the chimney and fireplace maintenance and restoration business, Northeastern Masonry and Chimney is the premier chimney servicing company in eastern New York and western Massachusetts. We pride ourselves in having a team of professionals that is knowledgeable, experienced, and takes pride in their ability to serve their clients.

Do you have what it takes to work for our team? If you think that working for Northeastern Masonry and Chimney is something that you would be interested in, you can call our office at 518-767-9315 for more information or email your resume to We look forward to hearing from you.