Once January rolls around, most homeowners have already put their chimney or furnace to use quite a bit. That being said, there’s still a lot of winter to get through before spring comes back around in March, so these systems still have lots of work left to do!

For us, the beginning of the year is a big time for emergency care. We get lots of calls from frustrated homeowners facing smoke back-up, venting issues, inefficiency, and other types of malfunctions. Unfortunately, a lot of these issues could have been avoided if proper care had been implemented ahead of time.

Learn more about the most common reasons we’re needed below. Then, find out what you can do to avoid those discouraging situations. And remember – no matter what, Northeastern Masonry & Chimney will always have your back through it all!

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Top 2 Reasons Your Oil Furnace Needs Emergency Care

1. The Chimney in Your Furnace Collapsed

Like your fireplace, your furnace vents any harmful fumes and toxins up and out of a chimney. Unfortunately, this area faces a lot of wear and tear. It’s exposed to harmful things like condensation, acidic gases, and creosote, and all of these cause further decay and deterioration which can make your furnace unsafe.

If your furnace chimney collapses, it’s going to invite smoke and other gases into your home, and you’ll need to have it addressed ASAP. Avoid these issues altogether by always investing in an annual inspection, as well as any recommended repairs and maintenance.

Too late for repairs? If you’ve experienced a full-on collapse, then you’ll need to invest in some restoration work. This can feel daunting, but our team is determined to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Call today to learn more!

2. The Carbon Monoxide Meter Goes Off

Carbon monoxide detectors are a must for any home, and if yours starts beeping it can be a really scary experience. Carbon monoxide is known for being extremely poisonous, and because it’s colorless and odorless, noting its presence is next to impossible. This is why it’s so known for causing multiple illnesses and deaths every single year.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home! And if it goes off, you should leave your home immediately and call for help.

A number of things could have occurred that caused carbon monoxide to leak from your furnace. Whether it was a collapse or some type of decay or deterioration, getting things back to normal by a trained professional is vital before putting it to use again. Count on us to get the job done right for you.

Top 2 Reasons Your Fireplace, Insert or Stove Needs Emergency Services

1. Your Gas or Pellet Appliance Isn’t Working

It can be a really frustrating feeling when your gas or pellet appliance stops functioning, but there’s a common reason behind this. Many homeowners assume that, since they aren’t burning actual wood logs, their system doesn’t require as much maintenance. This isn’t the case!

Just like with a wood-burning fireplace, insert, or stove, your gas and pellet-fueled stoves and inserts need annual inspections in order to function as efficiently as possible. As sweeps, we’re constantly keeping an eye out for rusting, decay, cracking, water damage, and other types of chimney and fireplace damage. Annual inspections allow us the opportunity to spot these issues well before they get worse.

2. There’s Smoke Entering the Living Space

Any signs of smoke or harmful fumes can set off alarm bells in the homeowner’s head, which is why we tend to get a lot of calls relating to them. If your fireplace, stove, or insert is smoking there can be a lot of causes behind this, but the story behind most issues usually revolves around one thing – mild winters.

When winters are less harsh and don’t greet us with weeks of freezing temperatures, we tend to feel pretty lucky going into spring. Unfortunately, this welcomes a false sense of security, and many figure that, since the weather was mild, their chimney won’t need an inspection come fall.

In reality, the opposite of this is actually true. Mild winters can actually invite more damage to your chimney because you won’t be lighting as hot of fires, which then leads to more condensation in your flue. This triggers water damage, and it also causes more creosote to form.

The big takeaway is that you always need an annual inspection, no matter how mild the winter was. Never assume your fireplace is ready for use until a CSIA-certified sweep has had the opportunity to look it over. This is one area of your home you don’t want to take any chances with!

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