An important component of your fireplace that often gets overlooked is the firebox. However, your firebox is one of the most crucial components of your fireplace and chimney system. Your firebox was built from materials that are capable of handling extreme temperatures changes, fire, and corrosive gases.

Damage to the Firebox

The firebox is still subject to damage and over time and may begin to succumb to the pressure of extreme temperatures. Damages can include cracking, crumbling, chipping and staining in your firebox. When this happens, your firebox is not able to protect the home from fire. A faulty firebox can be a very hazardous issue that can put the rest of your home at risk but Northeastern Masonry & Chimney can help! We can identify your firebox issues and let you know what repairs need to be done.

Fixing Masonry FireboxesWe can repair or rebuild your firebox!

Cracked and crumbling mortar in your masonry joints is a weak point where heat can seep through and transfer to your home’s wooden framework. If this is an issue, we can fix it with a process called tuckpointing. Tuckpointing involves grinding away the mortar between your bricks and replacing it with new mortar. If you notice other types of damage to your firebox masonry, such as cracked, crumbling, or loose bricks, it also needs to be repaired. If brickwork is cracked, it might be able to be patched. However, if you notice crumbling bricks or loose bricks, they need to be replaced.

Refractory Brick

The bricks used to make your firebox aren’t like normal bricks, they are a specially designed brick called refractory brick. Refractory brick is designed to handle extreme heat and rapid temperature swings. Because it is a special type of brick, only an experienced mason should work on your firebox. This will ensure that correct materials and proper methods are being used for the repair.

Occasionally, damage to a firebox may be extensive enough that a rebuild is needed. This involves the removal of all the old brickwork in your firebox and replacing it with new brickwork. Although this is a big project, many people see it as an opportunity to redesign their current fireplace and give their living area a whole new look!

Whether your firebox needs tuckpointing, brick replacement or an entire rebuild, Northeastern Masonry & Chimney can help you with all of your firebox repairs. Our masons have many years of experience and have been certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), meaning that you can be confident that their work will be done correctly and safely. Give us a call today at 518-767-9315 or visit us online and to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you!