The heat sources in your home are made up of a lot of components, all of which are necessary for appropriate functioning and heightenedWhat is chimney flashing - Albany NY - Northeastern Masonry & Chimney performance. All of these parts work together to ensure your family can stay more comfortable, while not fearing the threat of gas leaks, fires, or carbon monoxide exposure.

That being said, if just one piece is damaged, missing, or incorrectly installed, you’ll find yourself facing a whole lot of issues this season.

One of these essential parts is your chimney liner, so knowing when to have your chimney relined (as well as why it’s important) is a must.

What’s the number one reason we urge homeowners to reline their masonry chimney when problems start to arise? Safety. When gaps, cracks, holes, and other types of damage are present, the wellbeing of your home and family is put at risk, and this isn’t an area where you want to take any chances.

If you are at all concerned about the state of your structure, please give the experts here at Northeastern Masonry & Chimney a call today. We’re certified, experienced, and eager to keep our customers safer, happier, and more satisfied.

Signs Your System May Need Attention

Not sure how to know whether or not your fireplace, furnace, or boiler needs care? There are a few things you can be aware of that indicate professional help is needed. Be on the look-out for the following:

Drafting Issues: If you’re experiencing problems with draft and airflow, then your liner may be to blame. Gaps in your liner interfere with draft quite a bit, and this could make you vulnerable to dangerous levels of heat (and potentially fire) entering your home. You’ll also be at risk for smoke/gas leaks and carbon monoxide exposure.

White Areas/Dew Build-Up: If you see any white on your chimney exterior, then this is a sign of efflorescence, and it could indicate that your liner is experiencing water damage. Along with this, it’s important to watch the area where the roof meets the chimney, as this spot tends to go from warm to cold quite often (which leads to condensation building up).

Deterioration: Noticing crumbling mortar and fallen bricks? Your liner may be at stake! Deterioration throughout your masonry is a clear indication that something could be amiss with your lining system, so don’t take any chances and have our team check things over right away.

Have You Had Your Furnace Replaced in the Last 5 – 7 Years?

Now, we like our customers to keep in mind that we reline more chimneys that service their heating appliances (such as a furnace or boiler) than we typically do for fireplaces.

In fact, if you’ve had your furnace replaced in the last 5 – 7 years, you should have a level 2 camera inspection completed to ensure everything is still functioning safely. Newer models tend to emit a lot more water vapor into the chimney, which then speeds up the process of decay making these professional overviews more important than ever.

Other Benefits of Relining

Now, safety is always our number one priority, but there are lots of reasons why relining your chimney is important. First of all, you’ll experience better performance, which will enhance the comfort levels throughout your home. With cooler temperatures upon us, this is a must for the upcoming holiday season!

Another reason is to ensure better health for your system overall. The healthier your system is, the better it will run, and the less damage you’ll experience over time. It will also guarantee a longer lifespan for it, so you won’t be forced to shell out thousands in repairs and replacement parts years before you were expecting to. Preventative maintenance is always better on your budget than investing in expensive renovation work! Avoid the stress, cost, and hassle by getting our team in right away.

Finally, better performance allows for heightened efficiency, which keeps your monthly bills in check and gives you one less thing to worry about when things get hectic at the end of the year. Call now, so avoidable repairs don’t pile up later!

We’re the Team to Trust

Your chimney is like an artery for your heating appliance and, just like in our bodies, if there’s a leak somewhere, stopping it right away is essential for the overall health of the system. We have the tools, training, and technology to keep your liner in the best shape possible for the long haul.

What can you expect from our team? Well, one thing we’re known for is our high levels of professionalism. We’re also known for providing exceptional customer service, and we never skimp or cut corners, so you’re guaranteed the best care possible.

Call today or reach us online to schedule a video inspection. We will drop a camera in to take a 360 degree look and it does digital imaging, as well. Then, we’ll look things over from the outside to take note of any damages or areas of concern. At the end of it all, you’ll have the peace of mind you need to end the year on a positive note!

We can’t wait to speak with you soon.