The thermometer reads 91 degrees. Ice, sleet and snow are rude and distant memories. Perhaps a few words from last year’s chimney inspection nag at the back of your mind: “You don’t have any leaks yet, but keep an eye on those cracks in your crown.” Chimney crown damage is like a tooth cavity: by the time it hurts, you’re already in trouble! Prevent costly freeze and thaw damage by scheduling your chimney crown repair with Northeastern Masonry & Chimney today.

Chimney crowns in the Capital District and beyond take a beating from our long and harsh winters (and heat spells, too). Like gargoyles on medieval cathedrals, chimney crowns divert rain, sleet and hail away from your chimney masonry. Crowns are both functional and beautiful – if properly designed and built. But the untrained eye won’t necessarily detect the crown cracks that are the warning sign of leaks to come.

Summertime Crown Repairs Are Easier and SmarterChimney Crown Repair Albany Ny Northeastern Chimney

Better for us to slather on the sunscreen than fight off frostbite. Granted, that’s our problem, not yours. Nevertheless, repairing your chimney crown in these summer months makes sense from a practical and logistical standpoint. It’s simply an easier work environment for our experienced masons and technicians. Moreover, summer conditions facilitate sealing and setting. It’s the optimum time for repairing or rebuilding your chimney crown. (There’s more daylight hours for working, if nothing else!)

Just a ‘Spoonful’ of Preventative Medicine

We understand taking medicine before you are sick is always a hard sell. Trust us. Our 35 years of experience in the Capital District, Central and Northern New York, Hudson Valley and western Massachusetts have taught us one thing for sure: catching crown damage before it becomes excessive saves you money. Small cracks in the face of the crown are often an easy and painless spoonful of prevention. A dose of CrownSeal, for example, can provide a waterproof protective seal for your “slightly injured” chimney crown. And an application of CrownSeal by Northeastern Masonry & Chimney’s experienced professional comes with a 10-year warranty.

A Crowning Achievement — Just Like New

Maybe your chimney crown was badly designed or built from the outset. Or your crown damage is severe, with crumbling and spalling masonry or major cracks. In that case, you probably need a new crown. Northeastern Masonry & Chimney technicians will design and install a new chimney crown in accord with the industry’s best practices and highest standards of quality. We will rebuild your crown to provide premium performance and long-lasting protection, diverting water from the masonry. Plus, our experts will reinforce the crown with steel to enhance durability and finish with a pleasing appearance that adds value to your home.

Schedule a Chimney Crown Inspection or Make an Appointment for Repair

Not sure about the condition of your chimney crown? Is your crown repair already past due? Before flipping that page on your calendar, call Northeastern Masonry & Chimney today at 518-767-9315, or check out our convenient online appointment tool.

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