When’s the last time your chimney was inspected for any damages or missing parts? Because masonry chimneys are constructed to stand the test of time, it can be easy to push maintenance to the back burner and assume everything is probably good to go. However, over time, even a well-built chimney will start to succumb to the elements.

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Chimney issues often develop slowly, which is why it is important to have your chimney inspected at least once per year. Fortunately for homeowners throughout Albany and its surrounding areas, the team at Northeastern Masonry & Chimney has seen chimneys in all sorts of conditions, which means we know how to handle a wide range of damages.

If you’re concerned or due for your annual overview, please schedule an inspection with our experienced masons. If your chimney masonry is starting to crack or crumble, our team can offer any repairs, restorations, or replacement parts as needed!

And lucky for you – summertime is the ideal time to get this done.

Why Summer?

So, why is summer perfect for these repairs? Well, masonry repairs in the summer months makes sense from both a practical and logistical standpoint. It’s an easier work environment for our experienced masons and technicians because we don’t have to navigate through slippery roofs and heavy snowfall, and summer conditions facilitate necessary sealing and setting for the materials we use. And of course, there are more daylight hours for working, too!

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Summer is also a great time to add products like CrownSeal, as well as our masonry waterproofing products. CrownSeal is used to repair and seal minor flaws in the chimney crown, and waterproofing ensures your masonry is covered with a reliable, vapor-permeable seal that prevents water from soaking into your brickwork down the line.

Summer is also ideal because it doesn’t interfere with your burning season at all. If you wait until fall, you may find yourself pushing back those cozy fires until repairs are completed. Not to mention, because fall is a busier time for us, finding a quick and convenient time to get the work done might be a challenge.

Finally, it’s important to remember that your chimney goes through a lot throughout the winter months! There may be creosote built up from months of use, and the freeze/thaw process could have taken a toll on your masonry. Along with this, the snow and sleet could have caused rust, rot, clogging, decay, and other types of deterioration, too.

So, How Can Northeastern Help Me?

It’s clear that now’s the time to call for repairs. But why should Northeastern be the company you call? Well, we offer a wide range of services to ensure your system stands strong and doesn’t wind up facing more damages. Call on us for the following:

  • Repairing Spalling Brickwork: If your bricks are spalling, this means some serious decay and deterioration is likely occurring, and it could indicate that water-related damages are present, too. Basically… if pieces of brickwork are making their way to your roof, porch, and driveway, then you’ll want to get a sweep in to look things over as soon as you can!
  • Addressing Discoloration: Spot any strange areas of discoloration throughout your system? A number of things could cause your chimney to look off, so if you notice stains that are red, green, black, brown, or white, damage is likely present somewhere else. All in all, any type of staining or discoloration is something you’ll want to avoid, so if you notice it, call on our team of experts to look things over right away.
  • Replacing or Repairing Your Chimney Cap: Strong winds, animal tampering, big storms, and more can cause your chimney cap to bend, become situated wrong, or even come off altogether. If this is the case for you, getting a replacement cap installed right away needs to go on the top of your to-do list. Chimney caps work to keep out animals, excess debris, water, and downdrafts, and they also serve as spark arrestors. Needless to say, this isn’t an investment you want to skimp on!
  • Fixing & Preventing Leaks: Moisture in masonry chimneys causes a host of problems, from cracking and crumbling brickwork to discoloration and mold growth to rusted metal components and more. Things like crown repair, flashing repair, and waterproofing will ensure your leak problems are resolved for good.
  • Repointing: Repointing is the process of removing eroded mortar joints and replacing them with smooth, new mortar. The need for repointing may arise from moisture damage or even original poor construction. A critical aspect of repointing is the matching of compatible types of masonry materials. Without professional insight and knowledge, shoddy workmanship could force a homeowner to pay for a do-over.
  • Restoration Services: With proper care and maintenance, bricks can last a long time, but eventually water and weather, as well as the natural settling of a home, can take a toll. A professional restoration job will strengthen the structural integrity of your chimney, and ensure it looks natural and authentic. The need for restoration can come from a variety of causes, but the important thing is to address any issues before they get worse.

We’ll Help You Prevent Further Damage

If you have chimney damages, your chimney will function less efficiently and you could be more susceptible to some serious safety hazards. If you’re at all concerned, don’t hesitate to reach out now to schedule your inspection with our team! We’re CSIA-certified, members of the NCSG, and we have over three decades of experience, so you can bet there isn’t much we have not seen.

All in all, working with us guarantees the highest level of care possible, which is why so many continue to turn to us year after year. Call today!