We Service and Care for Chimneys in Pittsfield, MA too!

Your fireplace and stoves work hard to keep you warm throughout the cold and snowy months. However, is your chimney ready to handle it all? If not, you are in luck, Pittsfield, MA! At Northeastern Masonry & Chimney, our professionals are ready to clean your chimney to ensure it is ready to tackle the cold. Give our experienced and skilled team a call right now at 518-767-9315.

Reasons to invest in a chimney sweeping right now

We all love and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace, but is your chimney in good condition, Pittsfield, MA? A clean chimney is not only more efficient, but it is also safer. Why not invest in a cleaning before burning season?

  • All of our technicians are Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified, so you know you are getting the best technician on the job.
  • We use proper equipment made to clean your specific chimney, and our team is up to date with the latest techniques.
  • Our technicians will sweep away all of the dangers – creosote and debris – inside your chimney to protect your family and home.

Testimonials from our customers

Professional, friendly staff came to clean my fireplace and chimney. Did the job quickly and gave me a thourough run down of what repairs needed to be done in a timely manner. Got a quote for repairs in 10 mins.
Barbara Dailey

Very professional and thorough . Took the time to explain all their recommendations and answer questions . They show you the inside of your chimney with high tech cameras which was helpful . Great local business , I will keep them coming back annually for maintenance .

Jason born