Springtime is a wonderful time of year. However, spring also brings with it stormy weather too. Spring storms can put a damper on your outdoor plans, but did you know that they also cause issues to your chimney? In fact, water intrusion into masonry chimney is the leading cause of chimney issues. At Northeastern Masonry and Chimney, we know the importance of having a chimney that blocks rain from entering. We can help make sure your chimney is dry and watertight to protect your masonry chimney from all dangers.

Moisture and Your Chimney

rainbow behind a houseWater wreak havoc on chimney system. Although your brickwork may seem like it is watertight, the truth is that they are actually full of tiny little pores. These pores are important because they allow vapors and gases to safely seep out of your chimney. However, these pores also allow water to penetrate and settle inside your masonry. Moisture intrusion into your masonry is hazardous, because it can lead to a number of issues including water stains, brick erosion, vegetative growth, and rust. Larger issues can also appear if the water inside your brickwork freezes. If there is water pooling in your bricks and it freezes, it could expand the brickwork and cause them to chip, crack, and crumble. If this happens, bricks can pop out of place and become a hazard.

Protect Your Masonry

There are many things we can do to protect our chimney from water intrusion. Chimney crowns, chimney caps, and roof flashing are all designed to protect your masonry from water. However, these devices can’t protect your entire chimney. That’s why at Northeastern Masonry and Chimney we offer chimney waterproofing. We use a specially designed sealant that soaks into your brickwork and mortar, sealing it from rain, sleet, snow, and other type of moisture. The sealant we use is also designed to allow vapor and gases to permeate through your bricks, allowing air to flow through your masonry.

Keep Your Chimney Dry

Keep your chimney safe and dry this spring with waterproofing. At Northeastern Masonry and Chimney, we encourage you to be proactive when it comes to protection against water. If you think that you could benefit from chimney waterproofing, call Northeastern Masonry and Chimney at 518-767-9315. You can also visit us online to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you!