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Northeastern Masonry & Chimney does not guarantee accuracy or price of virtual inspections.

Image quality and position are factors that can change the assessment.

1. Take a picture from the ground level of your chimney, from top to bottom

2. Take a picture of the most concerned areas (missing bricks, mortar that’s missing, etc.)

3. Take picture of the fireplace from inside the home (from about 5-6 feet away)

4. Take picture of inside your flue (if possible, but not necessary)


Once you submit the form, we will look at your pictures and update you on our free assessment via phone or email. 

Our Virtual Chimney Assessment will save you:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Energy

Virtual Chimney Assessment/Estimate

1.  Exterior of Chimney From Ground Level

2. Zoom in On Problem Areas/Fixes

3. Inside and Front of Fireplace

4. If Able, Up the Chimney/Flue

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