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Whether you prefer to practice social distancing, or simply want to get to know us first, our Virtual Assessment provides you a Risk-Free way to start the conversation and find out how we can help. Interested? Simply follow the steps below to get started!

Disclaimer: This is a free assessment. Northeastern Masonry & Chimney does not guarantee the accuracy or price range of virtual assessments. Image quality and position are factors that can change the assessment. A Virtual Assessment is not a substitute for an on-site chimney inspection by a certified technician.

Instructions to complete the Free Assessment

1. Take a picture from the ground level of your chimney, from top to bottom (see example below)

2. Take a picture of the most concerned areas, such as missing bricks, mortar that’s missing, etc. (see example below)

3. Take picture of the fireplace from inside the home, from about 5-6 feet away (see example below)

4. Take picture of inside your flue, if possible, but not necessary (see example below)

5. Fill out the form below and upload your pictures.

6. We will review the photos and contact you by your preferred method to go over what we see, and discuss your options.

Our Virtual Chimney Assessment provides you with:

  • Time Savings
  • Money Savings
  • Additional Safety

Example of Images to Include

Exterior of Chimney From Ground Level

1.  Exterior of Chimney From Ground Level

Zoom in On Problem Areas

2. Zoom in On Problem Areas/Fixes

Inside and Front of Fireplace

3. Inside and Front of Fireplace

Up the Chimney Flue

4. If Able, Up the Chimney/Flue

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